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The Big Shifts Foundation inclusively empowers children and young adults with the tools to live mentally and physically healthy lives.

We actively partner with nonprofit and corporate partners to co-develop BigShifts experiences by incorporating Quadrants of Wellbeing framework and other Small Changes Big Shifts® program content into their youth programs.

We educate young people that whole health comes from four components – quadrants. Being healthy and staying well takes more than being diligent in one area. Children need to understand from a very early age that by practicing the Quadrants of Wellbeing they empower themselves to be well and stay well putting the odds in their favor to live optimally – realize whole health.

The fundamental principal of the framework is “balance” defined as harmony. Balance to many people means 50/50. Harmony is flow. With this mental model, people of all ages quickly begin to understand that it’s not all about exercising OR eating clean OR maintaining a spiritual practice OR being attune to the energy around us. It’s about the AND.

We help young people build a new awareness that what this culture influences them to do is not always good for them. We share age-appropriate tools to help them act mindfully in caring for their physical body and what they put in and on their body. They also learn from skilled practitioners how to care for their mental and spiritual selves by connecting with their authentic selves and the universal energy that connects us all.